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This Course is studied by pupils who have successfully completed Religious Education in Primary Four.The Course looks at both Christianity and Islam and mainly looks at the starting life of Jesus and also the Life of Allah and also beliefs in the Islamic faith.Please take the course to find out more in those different fields.

Course Curriculum

  • C.R.E/P/5: FAITH (Gen. 12: 1-6) FREE 00:45:00
  • This unit is about Faith and the Call of Abraham.FAITH (Gen. 12: 1-6) P.5 assignment5, 00:00
  • C.R.E/P/5: MOSES’S FAMILY FREE 00:30:00
  • This Unit is about Moses and his family.
  • C.R.E/P/5: THE STORY OF DANIEL 00:30:00
  • This Unit is about Daniel and how he did it.THE STORY OF DANIEL P.5 assignment3, 00:00
  • This Unit is about Christianity and Islam.CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM HISTORY OF ISLAM P.5 assignment2, 00:00
  • C.R.E/P/5: GOD’S WORD FOR US – THE BIBLE Unlimited
  • This Unit is about the bible and how it works.
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