DVS: Digital Video Production and Storytelling


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Video is the most popular and effective medium to communicate messages. Digital video production and storytelling course is for budding professionals with skills to produce high quality video.

And, it's known that the best videos will always be the ones that that grab your attention, make you think, make you laugh, or cry, or elicit an emotion – and make you want to watch till the end. So with this course, you can expect to get best-in-class techniques for producing engaging videos for the web & social media.

The primary goal of the course is to serve as a foundation for further exploration in digital video artwork and storytelling, and in this, students will write, direct, act, shoot, and edit short videos, with beginning and intermediate instruction.

We will cover the fundamentals of shooting, sound, lighting, and editing, among other production issues. Students will form production teams and put these techniques into practice.


The primary goal of the Digital Video Production course is to serve as a foundation for further exploration in digital video artwork and storytelling.

Course Duration: One month (4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 3 weeks of remote support)

Targeted market: Journalists, Communication officials, Small Business Owners, Marketing Departments, Online Marketers & Agencies, Aspiring Videographers, Educational Organisations & Media Students, Affiliate Marketers Requirements: Have a good computer and video camera or good mobile phone

Course Currilcum

DVS: Understand storyform and how to create professional video stories FREE 03:30:00
DVS: Learn to shoot videos for social media and the web 00:00:00
DVS: Introduction to Video Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro 00:00:00
DVS: Learn to storyboard and develop the narrative of a video FREE 03:00:00
DVS: Techniques for on-camera interviewing FREE 04:30:00
DVS: Learn to write scripts and record for professionally narrated videos FREE 06:00:00
DVS: New tools for creating and posting quick videos FREE 03:00:00
DVS: Leave with your own professional video produced by you 00:00:00
DVS: Recommended Video Production Tools 00:00:00
DVS: Stages in Video Production FREE 04:00:00
DVS: Professional Video Production 00:00:00
DVS: Shooting Your Video 00:00:00
DVS: Editing Your Video Production 00:00:00
DVS: Video hosting FREE 03:30:00
DVS: Creating and Running a YouTube Channel 00:00:00