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ADVANCED LEVEL GENERAL PAPER STUDY GUIDE General paper is a subsidiary and compulsory paper for students preparing to sit for …


General paper is a subsidiary and compulsory paper for students preparing to sit for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education examinations. It carries one point for a student who passes it with at least a credit. It is simple to pass and students need to know that missing that one point could make them miss entry into university or other higher institutions of learning. Many students often take it for granted-this makes many of them miss this point.   Several schools often do not give attention to General Paper, thereby leaving students ill equipped to face it in UNEB. Students fall short of what it requires and how to answer questions in this paper during examination. The reason for this lack of attention, in many cases, is the lack of what actually to teach as there looks to be no specific topics like in other subjects. In fact, there are several topics to teach in General Paper and this book provides you with several of such topics and how to handle them.   Teaching of General Paper should aim at preparing students to think and argue logically about debatable issues. It should also prepare students to approach questions in their examinations, and improve on their language and writing skills, that is ability to write a continuous and systematic piece of easy in correct English. Emphasis need to be put on language, spellings, knowledge of facts, definition of terms, logical reasoning, then reading and understanding passages.   The process of teaching and learning in General Paper should very much involve guided debates on given topics rather than giving facts to students inform of notes, it should rather aim at making students capable of reasoning logically about randomly given topics. The topics should be handled in relation to current issues. Students need to be exposed to current affairs as much as possible and then need to be encouraged to read newspapers, listen to news and talk shows, participate in debates and read other related Literature which can enable them to be informed about other disciplines.   Topics for discussion should be formulated form disciplines such as; History, Economics, Politics, Social-Culture (Language, Religion, Traditional practices, Education, Marriage), man’s relationship with the environment, Urbanization (Population, Explosion, Street Children, Prostitution, Abortion, Mob justice among others), Problems of third world countries (Poverty, Corruption, Hunger, Refugee Crisis among), Communication/Mass media among other disciplines.


Some reflections to consider Build your vocabulary. Have a personal dictionary for it contains a lot of information which will help you increase vocabulary and use language productively.   In section A, be sure that you are conversant with the topic chosen. If you have vague information about the topic, leave it and put for another because your responses will be insufficient, leading to loss of marks. Read and interprete the questions carefully, considering key terms and concepts. In your introduction, define or explain the key terms and concepts. Your introduction should be impressive.   Every point should feature in a paragraph state the idea or fact in the topic sentence, discuss it and illustrate with relevant examples. The content of your essay should be relevant to the topic and be straight to the point.   Use formal (standard) English, Avoid slangs, jargons, abbreviations and contractions   Do not skip lines in between paragraphs as this renders your essay disjointed, leading to loss of marks. Block paragraphs are un acceptable. Use indented paragraphs. It is good practice to conclude your essay, especially where it is necessary to give a clear stand point.   Your handwriting must be legible to enable the examiner make an easy and fair assessment of your work.

Course Currilcum

  • GP: Introduction to General paper FREE 01:00:00
  • GP: Aims and objectives of Teaching General Paper Unlimited
  • GP: Target and time allocation Unlimited
  • GP: Format and Techniques of answering general paper Unlimited
  • GP: ESSAY assignment 01 150:02 GP: COMPREHENSION assignment 01 150:02 GP: LOGIC assignment 01 150:02
  • GP: Details of the Syllabus Unlimited
  • GP: Reference Materials Unlimited
  • GP: Comprehension 01:00:00
  • GP: Comprehension assignment 2 225:03