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Harnessing Social Media & Multimedia Content Production This course is part of the training and mentoring activities for beneficiaries of …

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Harnessing Social Media & Multimedia Content Production

This course is part of the training and mentoring activities for beneficiaries of the Makerere University Research and Innovation Fund (RIF) to improve their communication and engagement with different stakeholders  and the general public to increase uptake of research and innovations by the University. The training is part of the Multimedia Production Hub (MPH) of the Department of Journalism and Communication (DJC) of Makerere University. It is aimed at imparting practical skills RIF beneficiaries to transform their research and innovations into publicly-oriented multimedia content and to effectively share such content in traditional and new media platforms.

Course Currilcum

  • SME: What is Social Media? FREE Unlimited
  • Understanding social media
  • Using social media to effectively promote research FREE Unlimited
  • This unit is designed to help researchers and innovators realize the urgency of using social media to promote their work.
  • SME: How to promote your organization or business on social media Unlimited
  • The first step of promoting your social media accounts is making sure people know where to find you.This unit explores how you can best dp it
  • NMR: Instagram analytics and measurement Unlimited
  • NMR: Twitter analytics and measurement Unlimited
  • NMR: Facebook analytics and measurement Unlimited
  • Here’s how you find them and what you can learn from them.
  • NMR: LikendIn analytics and measurement Unlimited
  • SME: Social media analytics tools Unlimited
  • Which tools can you use to market your business?
  • SME: Top 10 Social media engagement & monitoring tools. Unlimited
  • Dont stay in the dark over your business or brand
  • MP: Introduction to Multimedia and multimedia storytelling 00:00:00
  • Before you get to the work of shooting and editing and putting your story together, the real work is learning how to identify and pursue a story that is worth your time and the audience’s time.
  • DP: Audio production online and mobile 00:00:00
  • DPP: Audio editing tools Unlimited
  • MP: Digital photography, photo production and sharing Unlimited
  • Photos and good photography is key for storytelling and effective communication of messages. Photos do not only show authority, thus boosting the understanding of the message you are pushing across.
  • DIG: Tools for creating winning graphics 04:30:00
  • This unit introduces you to tools and concepts for good graphic design
  • Graphic design assignment10, 00:00
  • DVS: New tools for creating and posting quick videos Unlimited
  • Find out the 10 tools that will help you in creating short videos quickly
  • DP: Digital Video Production for learning online and mobile 00:00:00