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DOWNLOAD TO ACCESS THIS COURSE Course Aims This course is designed as an introductory course to systems analysis and design. …

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DOWNLOAD TO ACCESS THIS COURSECourse AimsThis course is designed as an introductory course to systems analysis and design. The course presents an overview of information systems and the systems development life cycle for the analyst. Course emphasis will then be on tools and techniques that the programmer and analyst can use to develop information systems.Classical and structured tools for describing data flow, data structures, process flow, file design, input and output designs and program specification will be applied to constructing and documenting systems.The course will survey other important skills for the analyst, such as interviewing, data communications, project management and cost-benefit analysis.This course reflects the information explosion of recent years, the new technological advances in information systems, and the exponential growth in electronic business processes.The course provides extensive and comprehensive coverage of systems development techniques for the redesign of core information systems.Thus the major goal of this course is to prepare future analysts, programmers, managers and consultants for the delivery and evaluation of IT-enabled process redesign projects.Additional goals include: An understanding of the systems development life cycle and alternative development methodologies, mastery of communication, project management, feasibility and cost analysis tools, mastery of analysis and design modeling techniques.• An understanding of systems development tools available to analysts.• The development of structured and object-oriented modeling skills.• An understanding of system design issues.• An understanding of application architectures and networks.• An understanding of the application development process.• A thorough understanding of system implementation issues.• An understanding of how IT supports business requirements in changing environments.CIT 721 INFORMATION SYSTEMS DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING• An understanding of IT development and trends.• An understanding of legal and ethical considerations.• Promotion of critical thinking.Course ObjectivesStudents will be able to:• Identify the organizational roles involved in systems development.• Identify, compare and contrast several approaches to systems development.• Identify, discuss and apply the SDLC phases.• Identify the skills necessary to become a systems analyst.• Discuss the process of project management.• Describe CASE and its role within the SDLC.• Discuss corporate strategic planning and information systems planning.• Prepare, discuss and present a Statement of Work, Baseline Project Plan, and other SDLC phase deliverables.• Identify various methods for assessing project feasibility.• Select appropriate tools for determining systems requirements.• Prepare selected process models, logic models, data models, and object models.• Describe alternative design strategies.• Discuss object-oriented analysis and design.• Discuss Rapid Application Development.• Design inputs and outputs for a system.• Discuss several approaches to implementation.• Discuss the importance of systems maintenance.

Course Currilcum

  • ISDP1: System Concepts- Introduction to Systems Pt. 1 FREE 00:40:00
  • ISDP1: System Concepts- INFORMATION CONCEPTS unit 2 FREE 00:40:00
  • ISDP1: System Concepts-INFORMATION SYSTEMS (UNIT 3) Unlimited
  • ISDP1: System Concepts- SYSTEM ANALYSTS AND DESIGNERS UNIT 4 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: System Concepts-SYSTEMS THINKING UNIT 5 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: Systems Approaches-SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE UNIT 3 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: Systems Approaches-THE SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT MATRIX UNIT 4 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: Systems Approaches-REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT UNIT 5 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: system methodologies-PROJECT SELECTION UNIT 1 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: system methodologies-SYSTEM INVESTIGATION UNIT 2 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: system methodologies-SYSTEMS DESIGN UNIT 3 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: system methodologies-COST-BENEFITS ANALYSIS IN SYSTEM UNIT 4 Unlimited
  • ISDP1: system methodologies-TASKS IN SYSTEM DESIGN PHASE UNIT 5 Unlimited