KCKM: Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Management


Knowledge management makes it possible to capture, store, share and utilize the knowledge and experience of an organization or individuals. This includes capturing tacit knowledge that resides in people’s heads, and packaging it for sharing. Learn about the different types of knowledge and how knowledge management is implemented to provide evidence for improvement. This course will help create a learning organization that improves based on learned experiences.


Grow professionals who become advocates for effective knowledge capture and sharing while fostering an enabling environment within organizations that encourage knowledge sharing. Learners should also be able to conduct a knowledge management assessment of their organizations and individuals, applying knowledge sharing tools and techniques in practice. They should also be able to develop a knowledge management strategy to institutionalize KM practices within any organization.

Course Duration: One month (4 hours a day, 5 days a week, 3weeks of remote support)

Targeted market: Communications practitioners and information officers, researchers

Course Curriculum

KCKM: Key Fundamentals in Knowledge Capture and Knowledge ManagementFREE 03:00:00
KCKM: Understanding context and taking stockFREE 02:00:00
KCKM: Key steps in knowledge capture and management (Identification, Capturing, Validation, Formation and Packaging)FREE 03:30:00
KCKM: How to effectively share your knowledgeFREE 04:30:00
Creating a knowledge sharing culture in your organization
KCKM: Pure KM tools and supporting practicesFREE 02:00:00
KCKM: Developing a Knowledge management strategyFREE 04:00:00
Although culture eats strategy for breakfast, defining a strategy is a requirement for implementing a successful knowledge management (KM) program

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