LS: Live streaming and Live reporting


This course is help you produce high quality LIVE streaming from conferences, online shows, sports and other events. Leaners will also be taught on how to integrate LIVE streaming with LIVE reporting and how to integrate it in your overall communication and publishing strategy.


You will practically learn how to LIVE stream, to build your LIVE streaming business and get new customers as well as how to use available tools that can save you tons of time and money.

You will learn how to get the most out of Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE and other new forms of LIVE streaming. We will show you how to meonetise your channels, use live streaming to sell more products and services by taking advantage of the Professional Webinars.


After this course, you will be able to answer professionally, providing solutions to questions like;

  1. What gear to choose?
  2. What platforms are the best?
  3. How to connect everything together?
  4. How to avoid common issues like video buffering?

Course Duration: 2 months (four hours a day, three days a week) OR 1 month, 5days a week

Targeted market: Do you want to perfect your Facebook LIVE shows? LIVE stream a “TED-like” conference? Are you the online marketer that want to produce webinars to attract new customers? Maybe, you want to LIVE stream your online show or a new online course? Or are you a video producer with a passion for learning new things and want to expand your video production services to get more customers and earn more money? Do you have an event that you want people to attend or contribute to from anywhere in the world? This course is for you.

Course Curriculum

LS: Introduction to LIVE streaming FREE 02:00:00
This is an introduction to live streaming.
LS: Introduction to LIVE streaming – 2 FREE 03:00:00
Why should you livestream?
LS: Key terms used in livestreaming FREE 02:00:00
All the technical terms you need to know about livestreaming
LS: What equipment to choose for LIVE streaming FREE 04:00:00
Preparing you
LS: Preparing your equipment/software FREE 03:30:00
LS: Capturing audio and video signal to your computer FREE 04:30:00
LS: Choosing your streaming platform FREE 03:00:00
LS: Deciding, managing your livestream and audience FREE 04:00:00
LS: Live reporting and integration with social media FREE 03:00:00
LS: How to monetize your live stream FREE 03:30:00
LS: Final tips on how to live stream FREE 02:00:00

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