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The Multimedia Journalism Skills Course offers practical digital and multimedia skills to working journalists. It also offer skills to media …

UShs 1,200,000

The Multimedia Journalism Skills Course offers practical digital and multimedia skills to working journalists.

It also offer skills to media professionals, journalism trainers and students as well as ongoing support to think, prepare and produce innovate multimedia content, products and platforms.

The training is meant to empower a generation of digital media storytellers with the skills, knowledge and strategic implementation and production of digital media content for web and mobile access.

Learners will get equipped with the best practices and tools for telling stories to an online audience—through social media, on the web and to a mobile audience.

They will learn to produce and engage with video, digital photography, audio, writing/ packaging for online and data visualizations.

They will be exposed to the tools and storytelling skills to produce, edit and post content 24/7 well optimized for online and mobile access.

This will include having the skills to implement coding or use tools for quick production of content or platforms.

Upon completion of this program, participants will have the knowledge and tools necessary to apply their new skill set immediately to their professional work in their respective newsrooms.

At the end of the course, learners will get a Certificate in Multimedia and Digital Journalism Skills from Makerere University.

This will be after they produce a satisfactory multimedia story/project published by their media house or company, their blog or our training website.

Course Objectives:

  1. Equip learners with practical multimedia skills for effective 21st century journalism
  2. Enrich the debate and solutions towards journalism and media survival in the digital age
  3. Spur new media practices, thinking and content production
  4. Contribute to the survival and development of journalism and the media.
  5. Boost the role journalism plays through equipping learners with innovative news and information delivery packages and tools.
  6. Make learners familiar with practical set up & operation of news & information packages

Course Currilcum

  • SME: Optimising your social media strategy Unlimited
  • MP: The New Media Thinking FREE 00:00:00
  • MP: Introduction to Multimedia and multimedia story telling 00:00:00
  • MP: Elements of good Multimedia storytelling Unlimited
  • OJ: Writing for the web: What online media and journalists need to be aware of Unlimited
  • OJ: Web design and online publishing – HTML, CSS, PHP, mysql Unlimited
  • OJ: How to create and run effective blogs Unlimited
  • OJ: New Media Tools and terms Unlimited
  • DP: Internet search strategies for relevant course content 04:00:00
  • MP: Digital Audio Production and Podcasting Unlimited
  • MP: Digital video storytelling with Movie Maker Unlimited
  • MP: Digital photography, photo production and sharing Unlimited
  • TMJ: Multimedia Design including making logos,banners etc Unlimited
  • MP: Tools for multimedia content packaging Unlimited
  • TMJ: Internet Security Basics 06:00:00
  • TMJ: Basic Mapping for news and information 04:40:00
  • MP: Data journalism and Visualization Unlimited
  • VR: Tools for Immersive Storytelling 01:20:00
  • TMJ: Maximizing Social media for better news and information delivery Unlimited
  • TMJ: New Media Revenue Models Unlimited
  • DP: Search Engine Optimisation 04:00:00
  • TMJ: Live reporting and Live Streaming Unlimited
  • OJ: Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital change Unlimited
  • PJ: Crowdsourcing and crowdsourced journalism Unlimited
  • TMJ: Media Convergence and new media strategies Unlimited