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General Paper Curriculum Syllabus

Assessment of General Paper
Assessment of General Paper will be both formative and school based and summative at the end of cycle. The assessment should focus on assessing learners in the following areas:
 Knowledge and understanding in relation to the specific topic areas
 The ability to identify, select and interpret, with reasoned consideration, material appropriate to a specific task
 The ability to analyse and apply knowledge in relation to a specific task.
 The ability to evaluate and determine information, ideas and opinions in order to formulate a supported conclusion.
 The ability to communicate information, ideas and opinions in a clear, concise, logical and appropriate manner.
The End of Cycle Examination Format
The duration for the General Paper examination is 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Its examination paper comprises two sections, A and B. Section A contains four questions and the answers to questions in this section should normally be between 500 and 800 words in length.
Section B contains two questions where candidates are expected to answerntwo questions, one from each sub-section. The questions asked are general in nature, but demand discussion and evaluation where the candidates are expected to:
i) use their specialised knowledge to answer the questions on any of the subjects offered at this level curriculum.
ii) discuss general topics which are not directly related to the subjects offered on the Advanced level curriculum.
iii) use English language appropriate to the advanced level.
iv) apply functional writing skills.
A pass in General Paper ranges between a Distinction 1 and a Credit 6, which is recorded as a subsidiary pass.

General Guidance on the Teaching and Learning of General Paper
The learners need to be made aware right from the beginning, that their work, both in class and examination, will be assessed in relation to the correct use of English and the relevance to topic as follows:

  1. English Use
  • Fluency in the use of the English language
  • Effective use of expressions
  • Correct and appropriate use of vocabulary
  • Faultless grammar
  • Sentence structure and organization of the paragraphs
  • The number of errors which occur in the work
  • Spelling errors and proper use of punctuation marks
  1. Relevance to the topic
  • Comprehensive coverage, clear perception, with strong analytical and focused arguments
  • Coherent and engaging discussions with a display of sensitivity, awareness and maturity of thought
  • Use of thoughtful, enlightening illustrations from the local, national and international perspectives
  • Well-structured presentation of the ideas


February 27, 2024

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