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Kigumba Intensive Schools Embrace Yaaka Digital Learning Platform

In a bid to digitalize and integrate technology into student learning, Kigumba Intensive Secondary Schools acquired Yaaka Plus, a digital learning platform.

The installation took place on Friday 12 2018 January and saw all the schools 67 computers fully installed with the offline platform. The school intends to acquire more computers in order to bring the number to 100.

According to the Managing Director Intensive Schools, Asiimwe Gilbert, YaakaDN will help teachers and learners access the readily available content. He was also impressed by the availability of photos and videos that accompany the subjects.

Assimwe believes that YaakaDN is set to revolutionize the education industry and that digital is the way to go.

Kigumba Intensive Schools Embrace Yaaka Digital Learning Platform 2
Installation of Yaaka Plus at the Computer labarotory

Some of the teachers present were amused with the ability to upload their own notes and videos. They liked the idea that students could interact among themselves, form groups for discussions as well as take assignments and quizzes on Yaaka Plus without needing internet. This they said would help curb fears related to allowing students access internet such as pornography and distractions from social media sites such as Facebook.  Although YaakaDN allows social networking, this can be monitored by the teachers. Yaaka also has different text books attached per subject/topic.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult developed, Yaaka Digital Network an award winning learning and training platform offering online and offline learning materials input and access, interactions as well a set of tools for digital learning.


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