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Performing Arts New Lower Secondary Curriculum Syllabus

Performing Arts New Lower Secondary Curriculum Syllabus

Performing Arts New Lower Secondary Curriculum Syllabus


The Performing Arts programme of study offers learners the chance to express themselves in a medium beyond speaking or writing. The programme of study integrates Music, Dance and Drama. Through experiences in Performing Arts, learners make sense of themselves, their relationships with others and
the environment in which they live. Performing Arts, therefore, contribute greatly to personal and social development.

The Subject has a story to tell about cultures, customs and lifestyles of all people. Uganda is noted for its cultural legacy and contributions to the development of Performing Arts. The Performing Arts programme of study provides a platform for that legacy to be fostered and enhanced. It helps learners
to understand how to create and appreciate a variety of Performing Arts, based on two guiding principles – Performing Arts Making and Performing Arts Response.

  • Performing Arts: Making. Learners make choices about what they wish to create, and then use the Performing Arts processes to create and present a finished product, with the intentions of communicating ideas and messages.
  • Performing Arts: Response. Learners study, analyse, critique, and enjoy works of Performing Arts that express diverse cultures over time.
    Learners acquire Performing Arts skills and use them to integrate traditional Performing Arts methods into modern Performing Art works. The learning experiences are structured within four units:
    • Performing Arts in our environment
    • The language of Performing Arts
    • Performing Arts in the economy
    • Performing Arts in other societies.
  • This structure underpins the national obligation to promote Uganda’s diverse cultures through Performing Arts competitions on topical issues that directly or indirectly affect
  • Modernisation is bringing changes to Ugandan cultures. The Performing Arts programme of study contributes to the work of preserving the rich historical cultures of Uganda and of extending these into the twenty first century. Performing Arts help learners to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of contemporary and historical events within
    their own communities, within Uganda and beyond. Young people will have opportunities to contribute to, reflect on and respond to the Performing Arts within their own and other
  • Performing Arts make a significant contribution to the economy of Uganda, through tourism and events such as theatre and works of Performing Arts for sale.

Teaching and Learning: Performing Arts

The thrust of the new syllabuses is experiential and towards the development of skills and deeper understanding. The focus in Performing Arts is on the development of the skills needed to be a performing artist. The new syllabus provides learners with a wide range of contexts in which to develop these skills, and these contexts are designed to engage the interest of the learner and to provide opportunities to build life-related knowledge, experience and skills. Teachers are encouraged to go beyond the textbooks and provide as many meaningful contexts as possible. The generic skills have been integrated throughout the curriculum and can only be acquired through active

The role of the teacher is not only to build on learners’ existing experience, but to also extend that by giving them new challenges and putting them in new situations. This makes them think about their own ideas and experiences as well as adding new knowledge and skills to it.

Performing Arts is a practical subject that involves the active participation of the learner. It cannot be learned by sitting at a desk! In this approach, learners are encouraged to:

  • be responsible for their own learning
  • think for themselves and form their own ideas and opinions
  • become critical thinkers, ready to face new challenges and situations for themselves

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February 29, 2024

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