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This unit describe the general mechanisms of action of antimirobial drugs,Illustrate the mechanims of antimicrobial drug resistance, Explain the indications, and adverse effects of frequently used antibiotics, describe the major adverse effects and clinical uses of aminoglycosides. describe the mechanims of action and the adverse effects of antituberculois drugs, Classify antifungal drugs,Classify antiretroviral drugs, Explain the common adverse effects of anti cancer drugs, describe the clinical uses, and the major adverse effects of antimalarial drugs.discuss drugs used in the treatment of different forms of amoebiasis,describe drugs used for gardiasis and trichomonisis, discuss drugs used in the treatment of toxoplasmosis, and pneumocystiois,Explain drugs used in the treatment of leshmaniasis and trypanosomiasis, and discuss the use, mechanism of action and problems associated with anthelminthic drugs.

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