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Innovations in digital communication technology and the digital transformation are impacting global media and communication production, distribution and consumption at …

Innovations in digital communication technology and the digital transformation are impacting global media and communication production, distribution and consumption at unprecedented levels. This information flow is increasingly delivering content across personal mobile devices, placing pressure on traditional institutions and giving rise to new and emerging forms of content production and distribution. It is therefore important for Communicators of organizations and individual communications professionals to prepare and tap into this resource of digital tools, platforms, social media and especially the users and communities therein.This course is a fundamental introduction to the principles and systems for digital transmission of information over online channels, including the basics of design, strategy, as well as an understanding of expected impact of messages and their targets. Through project works, learners will examine how digital communication works and get explanations of how to use the new communication tools to improve messaging and achieve the intended goals. It covers the basics of why digital communication is effective and provides practical uses for digital technology. Learners will use digital communication tools and software to provide information to the public.Beyond the basics of how best to utilize digital tools and platform to improve communication (internal and external), participants will acquire skills and knowledge to document projects and programs to identify the best practice, identify and describe the lessons learned, most significant changes, write case stories and document key achievements (impacts or outcomes). Participants will also be exposed to creative knowledge capture and knowledge management to ensure their organization are learning entities capturing, packaging and sharing tacit and explicit knowledge.Most important, communication practitioners must learn to measure the return on investment of communication strategies, messaging campaigns and daily communication activities. This course provides knowledge and practical skills to undertake communication and media measurement, as well as getting and interpreting analytics/ metrics to inform ongoing strategy and activities.At the end of the course, learners will get a Certificate in Digital Communication Skills from Makerere University. They will be required to produce a digital communication strategy, documentation or digital communications project/campaigning to be utilized by their respective organizations or company or group and or cause. They may also monitor and evaluate an online digital communication campaign for their respective organization or group and or selected organizations or ongoing communication campaigns in the community.Objectives:
  1. Equip communication practitioners with digital communication skills necessary and knowledge to power effective communication.
  2. Learn how to maximise online presence and extend that all-important reach; discover how to harness the potential of blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn for engagement and brand awareness.
  3. To provide learners with an understanding of the practical digital communication principles, techniques that will enable trainees to take advantage of the new media technology in the modern digital world.
  4. Help participants to acquire skills and knowledge to effectively document projects and programs using digital tools.
  5. Learners will be able to capture, store, share and utilize the knowledge and experience of an organization or individuals to provide evidence for improvement.

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