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The Digital Pedagogy Skills Course is offering practical digital skills to teachers, lecturers, teaching professionals and trainers of trainees in …

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The Digital Pedagogy Skills Course is offering practical digital skills to teachers, lecturers, teaching professionals and trainers of trainees in facilitating digital learning.This course will help teachers and all educators in the purposeful application of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning using ICTs.It will help you as a teacher transform how you approach and think about teaching using available ICT for education tools in order to amplify learning and develop your own digital learning materials, improve your content access & interactivity while keeping your value in the education cycle at the top level.New ‘Digital’ Pedagogies have emerged which  have shifted the focus of teaching away from teaching to learning, content delivery to interaction, face-to-face towards an online, interactive, constructionist pedagogy, which can be led by the student, as much as the teacher.

This Digital Pedagogy Skills Course will inspire you as a teacher to develop the mind-set, skills and knowledge to create digital hybrid courses rich with digital content for subjects you are already qualified in, as well as student engagement and mentoring suitable for the 21st century learner- with good pedagogical considerations.

This self paced learning course (also offered in class at Makerere University Department of Journalism and Communication) equips teachers/instructors for better provision of relevant content in video, audio, graphics, animations and or relevant virtual reality that will make teaching and learning of related content interactive and interesting among the students.The course makes a case for adoption of education technologies and new ways of teaching for better learning experiences and outcomes.At the end of the course, you will get a Certificate in Digital Pedagogy Skills from Makerere University if you obtain the necessary pass mark of 60% in the assignments, tests and project.You are required to produce a multimedia interactive course/project to be used by your respective school or institution or students you intendt to teach and or project website.


Through interactive sessions we have prepared, we expect to equip and inspire you to be knowledgeable and capable at delivering beneficial digital learning experiences i.e.
  1. Inspire you towards new technology supported pedagogies of your subjects/ courses/ classes.
  2. Help you learn to use available digital tools to access and provide digital learning materials and learning approaches that bring out the best in your learners.
  3. Give you practical knowledge and skills to develop and produce interactive multimedia content (in text, video, audio, graphics, animations and relevant virtual reality) suitable for digital learning in the class room, online, on computer or mobile.
  4. Give you a platform to learn from fellow educators, and support each other to learn and share experiences as you implement digital teaching and learning.
  5. Equip you with skills and knowledge to deliver better learning experiences & education outcomes, as well as supporting continuous learning anytime anywhere.
It is highly recommended you undertake the following FREE courses as well at your convenience if you are to become the best in teaching and education improvement for today and tomorrow.ET: EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGYTM: TEACHING METHODSECD: EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM DESIGNSSE: SPECIAL EDUCATIONIt is advisable to also do MIL: MEDIA AND INFORMATION LITERACY FOR TEACHERS, POLICY MAKERS & PROFESSIONALSUnder your profile, you can check all courses you are attending, as well as the groups and forums. Feel free to post any questions, issues, or learning materials in the course group and course forum which you join automatically when you subscribe to this course.You also have opportunity to comment on any paragraph or issue using the notes functionality (the + icon you see on the right) so your useful contributions can enrich the course for you and other participants,Good luck as you get started on this exciting journey to better education. We hope you enjoy the learning here!

Course Currilcum

    • DP: The urgency of digital pedagogy training FREE 04:00:00
    • DP: How is Digital Pedagogy different? 04:00:00
    • DP: Becoming a Master of Digital Pedagogy and online learning 04:00:00
    • DP: 21st Century Education and Learning 04:00:00
    • DP: Tools for supporting Digital Learning 00:00:00
    • Text To Speech/Speech To Text Tools and Software Unlimited
    • DP: Collaborative Digital Content Development Tools 04:00:00
    • DP: Digital Pedagogy Terms and Platforms 4 days
    • DP: Multimedia packaging and publishing practice and tools 4 days
    • DP: Digital photography and imaging for content development 04:00:00
    • DIG: Tools for creating winning graphics 04:30:00
    • DP: Audio production online and mobile 00:00:00
    • DP: Digital Video Production for learning online and mobile 00:00:00
    • DP: Website Design Basics and content management systems 4 days
    • DP: Creating and running successful blogs 00:00:00
    • DP: Guide to producing effective educational videos 00:00:00
    • DP: Internet search strategies for relevant course content 04:00:00
    • DP: Search Engine Optimisation 04:00:00
    • DP: Live classes, video conferencing and video streaming 00:00:00
    • DP: Tools for authoring interactive learning content 00:00:00
    • DP: Choosing the right learning activities for your students 00:00:00
    • DP: Immersive educational content development and Virtual Reality 00:00:00
    • DP: Key Issues in Digital Pedagogy and Blended Learning 00:00:00
    • DP: The role of a teacher in blended learning 01:00:00
    • Getting Royalty free media and Key Digital Learning Resources 00:00:00
    • DP: Digital Pedagogy Final Project900, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment23650, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment 3300, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment4300, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment5300, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment6300, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagoggy Assignment7300, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment1300, 00:00DP: Digital Pedagogy Assignment8300, 00:00

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  1. technology is the way to go


    A lot of new skills for the technology generation. So ease to use

  2. beautiful


    very brilliant notion. digital pedagogy to me should rather be a must embrace for all the the 21st century teachers given the rising and changing demands in the world

  3. Thank you


    It was a great opportunity learning with this team. I am now more than confident that I can survive as a facilitator in the digital age. Thank you for being generous with the information you shared, and for being patient with me. I look forward to more learning opportunities with you.

  4. Dorothy Rose MukasaOctober 17, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Thank you


    Despite the many challenges, i loved taking this course and im glad about the improvements in my digital learning thinking and practical skills

  5. A good one


    Good course with emphasis on embracing new technologies in teaching learning

  6. Digital Pedagogy Course


    This course is really a must do for one to embrace technology in teaching and learning

  7. Good course


    It is relevant for every teacher or trainer

  8. Wonderful Team, Wonderful Content & Wonderful Delivery


    It’s been an amazing journey with the #Yaaka team. I love everything I learnt and I am strongly convinced that my mode of delivery to students won’t be the same. Thank you so much for the endless advice accorded to us during the course.
    God bless you.