This course engages students practically in the use of multi-media technologies using popular and professional software and hardware/digital tools and techniques.

While students are enabled to appreciate and use media in an integrated manner and to design across media platforms, they are encouraged to strengthen their primary strengths in publication- or electronic-based media.

Students are required to complete and submit hands-on projects in image, audio, and video editing and production.

Students experiment with audio-visual technologies to create interactive content for web pages or online media that they have created.

They learn how to apply multi-media technologies to enhance and transform the professional practices of journalism and communication. Students learn how to write, design, produce, and package for online and digital media in creative ways.

The primary outputs of this course are a series of multi-media projects contributing to a final portfolio. Students are given an opportunity to exhibit their portfolios for public view and comment and for professional critique by their peers and professionals in the industry.


Course Curriculum

OJ: Introduction to online JournalismFREE 00:20:00
This unit gives you the introduction and objectives of this course
OJ: Understanding the Internet and how it worksFREE 02:00:00
Understand the internet, Internet vs internet, browser, domain name, hosting, website (design- HTML, CSS, php,Mysql), content management systems.
OJ: Print And Broadcast News And The InternetFREE 01:00:00
This Unit explains the shift between Print media and the internet.
OJ: Importance of Internet to JournalismFREE 00:45:00
This unit is about the importance of the internet to Journalists.
OJ: Internet Search strategies for Journalists aka Computer Assisted ReportingFREE 00:45:00
This Unit is about Internet search strategies by Journalsits.
OJ: New Media Tools and termsFREE 01:00:00
This Unit is about the New media tools and terms.
OJ: Web design and online publishing – HTML, CSS, PHP, mysqlFREE 02:00:00
This Unit is about Web design and online publishing.
OJ: Principles of website usabilityFREE 01:00:00
This Unit is about web usability principles.
OJ: Writing for the web: What online media and journalists need to be aware ofFREE 02:00:00
The new media revolution has made many to realize the importance of online and mobile platforms of communication. As more and more people go online to meet their news, information and entertainment needs, and many more use mobile phones and other gadgets to access the news and information, it is vital for journalists and all writers to write and package news and information appropriately for online.
OJ: How to create and run effective blogsFREE 01:00:00
Opening a blog at free platforms like wordpress or blogger is so easy. But you need to learn how to really create pages and posts, as well as adding other ability like video, audio, photos and aligning them, linking, publishing, including how to create and manage a good blog that can even earn you money through adsense, bidvertiser, and a host of other advertising networks.
OJ: Why Journalists should blog/have websitesFREE 00:30:00
This Unit is about why journalists should blog.
OJ: Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital changeFREE 00:30:00
This Unit is about Aggregation and content curation.

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